L-Aqwa Data

In April 2020 the news broke that Malta's Labour Party was collecting data on every single person eligible to vote in the country's general elections.

A copy of the data containing the full names, ID card numbers, addresses, mobile and fixed telephone numbers, gender, voting document numbers and party-political preference was stored on a publicly accessible Web server controlled by the company C-Planet (IT Solutions) Ltd, where it was discovered by security researchers. C-Planet is owned by former Labour Party media employee Philip Farrugia.

Use this tool to check whether the Labour Party and C-Planet collected and distributed your data and what data that, as far as we know, they held on you.

Search by either full name (name and surname) or ID card number.

Who made this tool?

This tool is hosted and maintained by The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation.

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Technical bits

All of the data stored on our server is anonymised. We store only salted SHA-256 hashes of the personally identifiable information in the original database. When you submit your ID card number or name the comparison against our data is made using hashes only.